Rent a boat, sloop or sailboat and come and enjoy Zeeland with your family, friends or colleagues!

Sloop and sailboat rental

Come and rent a boat this spring and summer for an unforgettable day on the water in a beautiful sloop or sailing boat. We rent beautiful and well-equipped boats and sailing boats for every occasion. Cosy as a couple or with the whole family, family, friends or colleagues. Whether you want to tour the Veerse Meer or sail sporty, we have the boat that suits you. All our boats can be sailed without a license and in bad weather you can change to another day for free. Book online, by phone or by e-mail

Rent a sloop or sailboat

Rent a sloop or sailboat for a whole or half day, a weekend, midweek or even a week and enjoy the beautiful waters of Zeeland with friends, family or colleagues. Cruise the entire Veerse Meer from Kortgene to Veere and from Wolphaartsdijk to Kamperland and explore the many islands, villages and beaches.

Huur sloep in Kortgene aan het Veerse meer
Herten op de Haringvreter in het Veerse Meer

Discover the many islands

The islands are like little paradises to rest or go picnicking, football, hiking or swimming. On almost all islands there are jetties, picnic tables, playgrounds and toilets. On the waterfront, you regularly see wild horses and fallow deer grazing and on some islands you spot rare birds and in the water occasionally a seal.

Sail and enjoy!

Of course you can swim in the clean water of the Veerse Meer or catch some crabs on the jetties. Enjoy a drink on the boat, a terrace on the water or moor in one of the many villages.

Vrienden picknicken op een van de eilanden van het Veerse meer


Choose the boat you want to rent below

Mieten Sie eine Schaluppe für 7 Personen am Veerse See
7-persons / from €110

Gulden Vlies 560

Ideal for couples, families or groups up to 7 people

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7-persons / from €100

Maxima 600

Lovely tender sloop with sun deck and bathing platform

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Weco 635 huur sloep met collega's op het veerse meer in zeeland
8-persons / from €120

Weco 635

Convenient and stable boat

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8-persons / from €120

Primeur 600

Beautiful spacious sloop with spray hood and cushions

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Yburg 650 huur sloep op het veerse meer
8-persons / from €120

Yburg 650

Comfortable and spacious tender boat

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boat_10persons_veerse meer
10-person / from € 125

Gulden Vlies 680

Nice spacious boat for the whole family

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10-persons / from €135

Primeur 700

Sturdy and spacious boat

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Escape 750, sloep huren veerse meer
12-persons / from €150

Escape 750

Very stable sloop with luxury look

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Grote huur sloep voor 12 personen met vriendinnengroep aan het Veerse Meer
12-persons / from €150

Gulden Vlies 780

Comfortable boat for large groups

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Electrische sloep huren op het Veerse meer.
12-persons / vanaf €150

Phoenix 21

Nice electric sloop with open cabin and swimming ladder

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Een witte Valk huur zeilboot met 2 personen zeilend op het Veerse Meer bij Kortgene
5-persons / from € 55


Sportive sailing

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Randmeer zeilboot Gehuurd door 4 mensen. Met 1 man aan het roer en 1 hangend in de trapeze op een mooie dag met lekker veel wind op het Veerse Meer
5-persons / from € 65


Comfortable and sporty sailing

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Fox 22 huur kajuitzeilboot zeilend op een mooie dag op het Veerse meer bij Kortgene.
5-persons / from € 150

Fox 22

Touring the lakes

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"It was super fun. Booking was easy and questions were answered quickly and friendly. At check-in we received clear explanations about the beautiful luxury boat (we had never sailed before). The weather was fantastic and we sailed to Veere where we got an ice cream, coincidentally there was also a lively market that day. I can recommend it to everyone, we will definitely come back".
Georgine Vlamings
Owner webshop
"Lovely sailing in the Randmeer, good clear explanations and a beautiful boat. Beautiful trip made with the two of us, next time the children go along. The weather was perfect and the water super clear, beautiful area for sailing.
Martin de Groen

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